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I have a rather varied work experience; I was once told that in order to be the best, you had to know how to do everything well and that’s exactly what I’ve worked to do in my career. I have been a Writer, a Recruiter, an Editor, a Manager and a Product Owner. I am very proud of the work I have done thus far in my career and look expectantly toward the future opportunities I am offered.


From marketing and advertising to technical content creation, I will learn about your products, speak to your subject matter experts and get the content written quickly and correctly the first time. Let me do the heavy lifting so you don't have to worry about rewrites.
Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Online, Email and web content creation for Kohl's, BonTon Stores Inc. and Northwestern Publishing House

Technical Writing and Editing

Technical Writing and Editing

Content creation, edits and scripts for Northwestern Mutual, vWise and TRICAST

Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases from TRICAST, Inc. I am looking forward to filling this page more

Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets

Slip sheets featuring snippets of information from TRICAST and Northwestern Mutual

Website Development

Website Development

From content cultivation and creation to overall build of the website for Northwestern Mutual and Critical Sheep Yarns

Blogging/Journalism/Content Creation

Blogging/Journalism/Content Creation

Content creation for blogs, websites and communications roles for Critical Sheep Yarns, Northwestern Mutual, On Skeins and Needles and Geek & Sundry


Codeworks, Inc.
GE Healthcare – Contract Technical Writer - 09.19 - Present
Create and edit procedures for Field Engineers to complete service on the Revolution CT Scanner in the field. Regularly complete validation on changes to procedural modules using eCLS, ArborText, Astoria and oXygen. Also completed transition of all procedural modules from eCLS to Astoria, including vidual and manual edits to content in oXygen.

Genesis 10 Inc.
Northwestern Mutual – Communications Consultant - 06.18 - 6.19
Created evergreen content for information releases to the Field staff describing the compensation programs regarding the moneys given to the field via bonuses and incentives. Created communication plans for the field representatives, notifying them of changes or additions of programs that directly affect their work. Completed minor work on the teams’ SharePoint website which required minimal HTML coding and editing.

Adecco/Modis, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual – Technical Writer/Product Owner - 04.17 - 05.18
Technical Writer: Created and developed a WordPress website to emphasize content for the Executive Venture Fund Showcase site, describing experiments this team has done for the last nine years. 
Product Owner: Lead efforts to test and validate business model hypotheses of new ideas or products as introduced through the Northwestern Mutual digital innovation campaigns. Throughout the experiment, this role included managing the scope, timeline and expectations of the project from inception to delivery. Held responsibility for multiple projects and effective communication of priority to team members and results to stakeholders.

Geek & Sundry - Freelance Staff Writer - 03.17 - Present 

Create articles specific to Role Playing Tabletop Games. Previous articles include: Change Your Fate with These Unique Dice, How I Stopped Resisting and Learned to Love D&D and more. View the link to see the full article list. 

vWise, Inc
Freelance Technical/Marketing Writer - 08.16 - 12.17

Created, formatted and delivered clear-cut and concise video scripts for vWise's suite of prod-ucts. Migrated an array of scripts from Adobe Story to Celtx program. Created the team bios for internal and external use.

Northwestern Publishing House
Marketing and Advertising Copywriter - 10.15 - 05.16

Created, edited and collaborated on HTML-coded emails with Constant Contact, national and lo-cal flyers for regular sales campaigns, content for books to be published in-house and extrane-ous content creation throughout the company. Published previously-published content to the NPH blog and created new content for the website.

Apex Systems Inc.
Technical Recruiter - 08.14 - 10.15

Made 50+ calls per day, submitted quality candidates to contract, contract-to-hire and permanent roles, and worked with the candidate through the entire interview process to onboarding. Exten-sively used Microsoft Office products as well as social media, Bullhorn database and job SEO used daily.

Experis, Inc.
Rockwell Automation  - Technical Writer - 04.14 - 07.14
Migrated content from STIBO to of all products and content records. Included the use of HTML coding within web platforms TeamSite, RAISE and Sharepoint as well as Office products.

TRICAST Inc. - Proposal Coordinator - 06.13 - 04.14
Responded to requests for proposals under the TRICAST and sister company, PSRx, banners, in the form of compelling Requests for Proposal (RFP) for Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) audit services. Also created monthly Press Releases, frequently updated Sell Sheets and internal mar-keting strategy plan creation.

D20 Girls Magazine
Digital Editor-in-Chief/Print Copy Editor - 03.13 - 07.14
Coordinated content, keywords and tag development, proofreading/editing, front-end Wordpress development for daily updates on the digital edition.
As a Copy Editor, combed through articles for grammar, syntax, fact checking and conferring with the writer on questions concerning articles to be published in the quarterly print edition.

Educated Solutions Corp
The BonTon Stores Inc. - Digital Copywriter - 08.12 - 04.13
Created copy for over 75 daily SEO and detail-driven digital marketing emails, seasonal and spe-cial event campaigns, weekly site creative, banner ads and product guides. Completed competi-tive research, confirmed legal details, created promo codes and barcodes for coupons.

Educated Solutions Corp
The BonTon Stores Inc. - Digital Product Merchandise Writer - 05.12 - 06.12
Wrote SEO-driven product copy for over 700 items in the Jewelry & Watches department on the BonTon websites. Required competitive research and brand searching for appropriate product in-formation.

Educated Solutions Corp
Kohl’s Corporate - Digital Copywriter - 06.11 - 06.12
Wrote SEO-driven product copy for over 700 items in the Jewelry & Watches department on the BonTon websites. Required competitive research and brand searching for appropriate product in-formation.


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee- Degree: Bachelor of Arts: English: Professional and Technical Writing - American Sign Language Studies Minor - 06.10


I look forward to working with you and your team for all your content needs.